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You will not find nicer gals and better service at this small owner operated business.

I have been visiting for quite awhile and very happy!

Paula L.

I bought a Groupon for a Brazilian Blowout treatment here, and was really nervous about it for 3 reasons:

1. My hair is RIDICULOUS and it might not work
2. I've never been able to straighten my hair with anything before
3. Yelp reviews of many different salons said how badly the process can be messed up and there were no Brazilian Blowout reviews for this salon.

I got it done today. OH MY GOD.

Their hair stylist, Luz, is an AMAZING woman. She spent over three hours painstakingly treating my hair even though I bought the process at a heavily discounted cost. She was so thorough and cut no corners; in fact, I'm sure she put extra effort into the job.

I asked her what the longest she'd ever spent on the treatment was, and she laughed and said, "You!" She also told me she was doing her very best because she understood how hard it was for me to deal with my giant curly frizzy hair. She gave me an amazing haircut to compliment my new straight hair.

The co-owners of the salon, Amelia and Lauren, are amazing as well. This is a great place to go if you want a quiet, relaxing experience with friendly people who do GREAT work.

Liz S.

I had a groupon to Adara and went this weekend. It was a fantastic experience. The staff there were lovely and really made me feel comfortable. I even signed up for a second appointment without the groupon!

Alicia H.

Had a wonderful, relaxing experience last night. Bought a groupon deal for a facial and manicure. I had not heard of adara prior to the groupon deal but glad I found it. I had no trouble booking my services for the date I was looking for a few weeks out. The spa is small but cozy and tranquil. Both services were wonderful. Very relaxing and thorough. The heated table and comfy pillow for the facial almost put me to sleep--it was great!! I will definitely be coming back and paying full price for their services (which are very reasonable, esp compared to exhale spa down the street)

Kristen D.

The customer service here is pretty stellar in my opinion. The phones just aren't the best route. They have an option for online booking. AND if you have any concerns beyond that you can email them. They are a small salon, and do deals a lot which I know can be overwhelming. You just have to be patient.

However, if you truly need fast service-- explain your situation. Amelia came in early one morning to see me before I left for vacation. She didn't have to do that, or make the time, but she did.

I personally like the weight loss treatment they have, but I combined it with exercise and diet.

Anne Marie

I loved my experience here so much I went right back. I got the Arasys/Sudatonic Wrap treatment and lost 9 lbs in one week and 5 in the other. It was awesome and it didn't hurt like some of the other reviews say. It was more of an odd feeling and certianly not pain. I loved the people and the service. I have already recommended to all my co-workers and friends!

Ali M.

I would also like to DEFEND Adara Spa. I have had the Head-To-Toe from My manicure, pedicure and facial were awesome! The staff are so polite, professional and knowledgeable about all their products. They informed me about the deal from on arasys and sudatonic. I purchased two vouchers and recieved my first treatment this past Tuesday. I honestly was not expecting to see noticeable results on the first try but I did! reduced cellulite and my tummy feels trim and tight. I have my second treatment this Friday and they were even able to squeeze me in for a mani-pedi. I have not had problems with getting appointments booked thus far. If you are not flexible with your schedule and need to book months in advance the wait is worth it. As you can see from the other reviews this is a spectacular spa with great services to offer.

Jenna S.

As a small business owner myself, I disagree with what a few have said - putting blame or hostility on the owners for being overwhelmed by the success of their Buy with Me promotion. They were offering a very expensive service for a tiny fraction of the price, and it if was immensely successful, those that scooped up the deal will just have to wait. Sometimes you can't have it all! What choice do they owners have? I've heard them say that they're opening early and staying late to try and accomodate everybody. It's not like they can throw up a tent in the pakring lot next door and do services day and night. This is just what happens when items are in high demand!

As for my treatments themselves - they were great! Ha - well, I wouldn't say arasys is GREAT, but they were veryy successful. So far, I've had two arasys treatments and one slimming wrape.

Despite the chaos involved with all of the buy with me certificates, when I arrived it was a lovely and tranquil spa. The pace was slow (in a good way) and layed back and I didn't feel rushed at all. The spa seemed clean and modern and wonderful.

I will return over and over again - and not just when I have a discount!

Ashley J.

I wish I knew the girl's name that did my facial. SHe was amazing! She was very warm and comforting to be around. This was definately the best facial I ever had! She even put lotion on my feet. I was expecting that.

I do hair and makeup for brides and will definately recommend this spa. It was wonderful!!!!

Caitlin M.

I went there this week for a manicure. Amelia was great! She took extra time and care, not like how it is in those shops at the mall. While she did take a few minutes longer, I didn't mind. I'd much rather have it done right than just fast.

My friend also got a mani-pedi. The pedicure rooms were so cute and quaint! They even have curtains to give you more privacy. Great atmosphere.

The prices were reasonable and parking was easy. I found parking on at a meter almost across the street. But they also validate parking at the lot right out in front.

Added bonus: After you get your nails done, you can go out and let the sea breeze finish drying them as you stroll through Columbus Park, or go to lunch in the North End!

I highly recommend Adara for a solo trip or one or two girlfriends (or boyfriends!). It's small, so they may not be able to handle large groups all at once and I wouldn't want anyone to be disappointed because I had a great experience and will definitely be back!

Miss V.

Everyone needs to come to this place! I went in November after running a marathon for a pedicure, and was pampered in a way I had never experienced before. There was tea and cranberry bread, and a relaxing bath for my feet and exfoiliants and buffers and such a nice atmosphere. I can't remember the person who did my nail's name, but she was so friendly and chill at the same time. The day I went was also spa day for the owners' families, which I think is so sweet! And I swear, the pedicure must have lasted hours! So worth the money!

Kendra M.

So I suppose it's OK if I am the first person to review Adara Spa and I'm a guy. Right? I'm secure enough in my masculinity!!!

But seriously. This place just opened and we heard about it through a friend. So I signed my wife up for an Adara Head-to-Toe package and was 'talked into' a Gentleman's Mani-Pedi. We had so much fun.

The atmosphere is pretty awesome. It's a mixture of trendy and relaxing... with exposed brick walls, original beamed ceilings, and private pedicure 'booths.' I was really impressed. Not at all the stark and sterile environment I had pictured spas to be. Think sage green and river rocks. And the staff and owners were great! So warm and friendly.

The whole experience was so different. I'm not used to getting pampered. I truly recommend it. Not to mention no longer being embarrassed of ugly man-feet.

Apparently they have some pretty cool treatments as well. My wife was telling me about these slimming systems and facial things... and that this place is the only spa in Boston to offer these treatments. Check out their website.

I really recommend you treat yourself. Call and make an appointment!

Andrew M.

One of the few places in Boston that I want to return to! IN stark contrast to Chinatown spas which pretty much ravage your pores in the quest to degunk you, Lauren will gently extract what ails your face and leave you in peace on a heated treatment table (a weakness of mine...seriously why don't more spas have heated tables?!) after which , you will walk out with a better complexion. I also had a pedicure which left my toes sparkly and my feet relaxed. All in all, a sweet place, strong magazine selection, a bit out of the way, but close to the North End and thus, a great place to de-stress before a night out on the town.

Kim L.


Sudatonic Slimming Wrap
$50 (Reg $110)

50 minute Arasys Toning Session
$50 (Reg $200)

Adara Facial & Pedi
$50 (Reg $105)

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“Had a wonderful, relaxing experience last night. Bought a groupon deal for a facial and manicure. I had not heard of adara prior to the groupon deal but glad I found it. The spa is small but cozy and tranquil.” -Kristen

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