Balancing facials

Adara Express Facial $55
Customized cleansing, massage, mask and moisturizing

Adara Signature Facial $90
Customized facial for client's needs. Cleanse, heat, massage, extraction, mask, moisturize.

PurACNE Oxygen Facial $105
Revolutionary oxygenating acne treatment designed to clear skin congestion, control acne and revitalize fatigued, stressed and dull skin, leaving it luminous, moisturized and younger looking.

Algo Mask Facial $110
Soothing and cooling. Perfect for sensitive or sun exposed skin. All skin types, especially sensitive/irritated/acneic.

Adara Back Facial $110
Customized for client's needs. Cleanse, exfoliate, hot towel, massage, extraction, mask, moisturize.

Algo Mask & AHA Facial $120
Combined with AHA, skin is instantly soothed by cooling algo mask as it exfoliates dead skin cells. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates cell regeneration, and clarifies complexion. All skin types except reactive/very sensitive/rosacea/open lesions.

Sea C Spa Facial $145
Reactivating treatment designed to rejuvinate skin. Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis. Excellent treatment for congested skin and mature skin, as it improves micro circulation and cell regeneration. Combination of vitamin C, organic mud and marine algae provide oxygenation and toning effects with long lasting results in reducing fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful appearance. All skin types.

Age defense

Hydrolifting Anti-Aging Facial $120
Sophisticated anti-aging treatment mask that moisturizes and firms the skin with biotechnological extracts. All skin types especially mature/fatigued. Not suitable for very sensitive or acneic skin.

Collagen 90-II Facial $140
Intensive anti-aging treatment that hydrates, rejuvenates, and reconfigures the skin's surface to subdue visible signs of aging. Improves overall complexion by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, cocoons, and quenches the skin, leaving it well hydrated and radiant.

Botinol Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial $160
Exciting, new, no-needle derma procedure with botox-like results. Intensive preventative and corrective treatment reduces wrinkles through deep cleansing, exfoliation and topical botinal treatment.

Skin renewal peels

Starting at $85 (sessions are 20 min)

Derm Renewal Peel
A deep exfoliation that combines lactic acid, glycolic acid and Arginine, to promote hydration of the skin while fighting the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and congested skin.

Glycolic Acid Peel
Peeling formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, photo-aging, dull skin and skin imperfections. Provides a deep exfoliation to even out the complexion and make skin radiant.

Lactic Acid Peel
An intense lactic peel that fights the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, ideal for dry skin or skin showing first signs aging. A peel formulated to promote a deep exfoliation. Evens out the tone of the upper layers of the skin.

Salicylic Acid Peel
An ideal peeling for acne-prone skin and photo-aging. Formulated to exfoliate, provide deep cleansing of the pores and reduce visible blemishes on the skin, leaving it glowing and radiant.

Specialty skin care services

Dermaplaning Treatment $140
Advanced exfoliation treatment or an add-on to any facial service or peel for increased absorption of products. We will remove dead skin layers, surface debris & vellus hair aka peach fuzz with a manual feather-motion technique using a medical-grade surgical blade. Excellent to soften fine lines and wrinkles, clean clogged pores, reduce superficial hyper-pigmentation, and allow for flawless make-up application!

Anti-Aging eye care

Collagen Sublime Eye Treatment $85
Your eyes endure a lot of stress each day. Don’t they deserve a treatment all on their own? The delicate eye area requires special care, if it is to remain looking bright and beautiful. This light textured formation visibly decreases dark circles and puffiness.


Peel treatment added to facials ................... $25
Eye treatment added to facials ………………… $35 Dermaplaning added to facials .……………….. $85

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Pefector Non-Surgical Face Lift $200 The Perfector offers a relaxing and non-invasive treatment that is used by over 2300 doctors and 3,700 Health Clubs. The Perfector from Arasys restores cellular health, while revitalizing skin freshness and glow. For more info, please visit